A Weekend of Workshops, Healing & Introspection 
with Carlo HawkWalker

and Joy Wedmedyk, Alex Wedmedyk, Jason Rios, River Otter Woman,
Lisa Owen, Lillith ThreeFeathers, and Wendy Raphael
JUNE 2 – 4, 2017

Carlo Hawk Walker

 Carlo Hawk Walker 

LEARN the state of “quantum awareness” in a real world of dreaming, visions and other dimensions which surround us. Most importantly, we will learn how to use these Shamans’ tools in our daily lives.
EXPERIENCE – Re-Awaken Your Vision and Re-align the Self.  Water Ceremony, Workshops, Lodge Purification

The weekend will include workshops in:

Medicines of the Heart with Carlo HawkWalker
Healing Water Ceremony – For the body, mind and soul
Shamanic Hands On Workshops  – Journey work, Healing with Stones, The Toltec Way of Sorcery, Folk Healing, Journal your Soul, Building connections to Nature and other offerings to learn and build on your skills
The Elder’s Future-Vision – Embracing the Sacred
Trance Drumming – Rhythm & movement to release and express the soul.
Stone Peoples Lodge
Performance by Wake Up! Drum troupe

Workshops throughout the weekend, starting Friday at 10:00 AM.


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Carlo HawkWalker

Joy Wedmedyk

Alex Wedmedyk

River Otter Woman

Jason Rios

Lillith ThreeFeathers

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Wendy Raphael

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