A Shamanic Retreat

A Weekend of Healing & Introspection
with Raphael de la Flores

from Palenque, Mexico
along with Shamans’ Jase Peck, Joy Wedmedyk & others

May 13th – 15th 2016
at Four Quarters InterFaith Sanctuary
Artemas, PA.

Raphael tends a sacred fire.

Intensive Shamanic Practices

Sacred Fire Ceremony
Manifesting Your Inner Journey
Realign the Self
Awakening Your Vision
Sweatlodge Purification Ceremony

No charge for all ceremonies

Access the Walk and the Way of the Shaman

Learn the state of “Quantum Living” in a real world of dreaming, visions and other dimensions which surround us. Most importantly, we will learn how to use these Shamans’ tools in our daily lives.

Elder Raphael de la Flores

Raphael de la Flores has spent a lifetime studying and practicing shamanic rituals and healing practices. Raphael lives in Palenque, Chiapas Mexico at the edge of the Lacandon Jungle near the famous temples of the ancient Mayans. He travels to us as a guide to speak and share messages in our weekend journey.

Learn more about Raphael

The weekend will include explorations in:

Journey Work – access your vision

Sweatlodge – body Purification

Healing Sacred Fire Ceremony – for the body, mind and soul while opening the Spirit Gate.

Shamanic Hands On Workshops – sacred feather, healing rattles, modeling our alter self

Effective Spirit Communication.

The Elder’s Future-Vision – embracing the Sacred Mind

Trance Drumming – rhythm & movement to release and express the soul.

Living the Alternative Shamanic State.

Weekend Includes: Camping, meal plan, all workshops. Bunkhouse reservations can be made by calling Four Quarters at  814-784-3080 from 9am-6pm.

Gates open Friday 10am thru Sun. 1pm. Brunch Sat. & Sun. 10-11:30 am. Dinner Fri. & Sat., 4:30-6pm, Workshops start at 7pm Friday thru Sunday afternoon.

Private appointments available (check with individual presenters).

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Raphael de la Flores

Joy Wedmedyk
Alex Wedmedyk
Jase Peck
Lisa Owen


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