A Shamanic Retreat

A Weekend of Workshops, Introspection & Healing

with Carlo HawkWalker

along with Joy Wedmedyk,  Alex Wedmedyk. Jason Rios, River Otter Woman, Lillith ThreeFeathers, Lisa Owens and Wendy Raphael

June 2 – 4, 2017
Madison Ohio 44057

Carlo Hawk Walker

Carlo Hawk Walker

Access the walk and way of the Shaman

LEARN the state of “Quantum Living” in a real world of dreaming, visions and other dimensions which surround us. Most importantly, we will learn how to use these Shamans’ tools in our daily lives.

EXPERIENCE – Re-Awaken Your Vision and Re-align the Self.  Water Ceremony, Workshops, Lodge Purification,

Workshops throughout the weekend, starting Friday at 10:00 AM.

The weekend will include explorations in:

Medicines of the Heart

Healing Water Ceremony – for the body, mind and soul

Shamanic Hands On Workshops – Journey work, Healing with Stones, The Toltec Way, Folk Healing,

The Elder’s Future-Vision – Embracing the Sacred

Trance Drumming – rhythm & movement to release and express the soul.

Living the Alternative Shamanic State

Stone Peoples Lodge

Performance by Wake Up drum troupe

About Carlo Hawk Walker 


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