Additional Information

Suggestions of what to bring: Drinking water and bottle, your favorite chair (there are chairs available for your use), Drum for the drum circle, sun hat, layers for clothing, jacket, rain gear, waterproof shoes, flashlight, paper and pen, bug spray, sunscreen, toiletries, towels, and camping supplies and bedding. Propane grills are available. If you will be making your own food have good food storage containers. Dry goods and personal coolers may be kept in the kitchen overnight .A snack table will be available for all participants.There is a potluck on Friday. Please bring a dish to share.

A snack table will be available for all participants. Please donate something to snack on. We will all love you for it forever.

Classes begin Friday at 10:00 AM.

You may also arrive on June 1 to be ready by Friday AM.

Workshops offered throughout the weekend, starting Friday at 10:00 AM.

You may also arrive on June 1 to be ready by Friday AM.
Community potluck on Friday evening is for all participants.

We are in need of blankets for the sweat lodge. Even if you will not be sweating, you can bring one. It will be returned to you and you will be able to sleep under that energy when you return home.

If you are able, please bring a stone about the size of a medium cantaloupe for the sweat.

Carlo is a traditional Elder and has requested that; (All questions and explanations will be shared at the retreat or call me.) Men wear shorts. Woman wear a cotton dress with sleeves or a loose fitting t- shirt or blouse and a skirt. Woman, if you are menstruating, please do not enter the sweat.You will need 2 towels for the sweat, one t sit on and one to dry off with. If you want to speak with Carlo about a personal spiritual issue, please present tobacco to him wrapped in a red cloth. Ask if you can speak with him.

On Thursday, June 1, we will be building the lodge.Come early to help if you like. There is no charge for ceremony. Please let me know if you will be coming on Thursday to help with the building of the lodge or the gathering of wood or other things that I am sure will need done. Thanks ahead of time.

Some private appointments available (check with individual presenters).
There are a limited number of spaces for this Shaman Intensive. Please register early.

Hotel Information::
Betty’s Motel
6469 N Ridge Rd W, Geneva, OH 44041
(440) 466-2079

Motel 6
1715 S Broadway, Geneva, OH 44041
(440) 466-1168

Stores for groceries or other supplies are at the intersection of Rt 528 and Rt 20. Stores nearby are Marks, Giant Eagle, Wall Mart  Tractor Supply etc…. There are also fast food places near the event site

Camping and solar showers are included in weekend price.
Only (well maintained) port-o-johns are on site.
Please bring extra drinking water.
There are indoor and outdoor workshop spaces.

Have questions or need more information?
Joy Wedmedyk * 330 273 5240 *
Alex Wedmedyk * 440 668 2298 *