Carlo HawkWalker


Carlo HawkWalker lives the Ceremonial and Traditional Ways of Turtle Island.  He has traveled the world on Peace Missions, carrying the teachings of the Medicines of the Heart. His teachings connect us to ourselves, each other, our planet and the spirit of all Creation, strengthening our bonds with all our relations.

Over the years, Carlo has worked with the Indigenous Communities of England, Barbados, New Zealand, Africa, South America, Russia and Turtle Island to forge Peace between people, cultures and religions. Carlo’s service to the People includes Sundance, Fire keeper, and Bundle keeper.  He sat on the C.S.A.P. Native American Steering Committee for Substance Abuse, Washington DC and worked as co-facilitator on the Indigenous Round Table of Russia St. Petersburg.

The World Peace Treaty is one of Carlo’s instruments of Peace he received during ceremony while in Russia. With the help of longtime friend Dr. Robin Milstead, this treaty is available for all Citizens of the World to sign. The signatures represent a global declaration of Peace and will be taken to the United Nations and The Hague.

Carlo HawkWalker – That One Thing

Carlo HawkWalker on Standing Rock

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