Jason Rios

small jason-rios-o    Jason Rios is a lifetime student of learning, living and walking in the traditional ways of his ancestors.  He has been blessed and honored to be able to learn from and assist Carlo HawkWalker Carlino, which is his friend and like a father to him. He is the Founder of CannaCURES (Cultural Unveiling and Restoration of Earth Based Healing Sacraments and Indigenous Medicines) which is an Independent Oklevueha Native American Church Branch. CannaCURES’ Stands for, Honors and Protects Indigenous People, Spirituality/Ceremonies, Culture, Medicines and Sacraments from around the world. “Healing of the Nations” is a well suited tagline as he has community outreach programs that assist members across the Nation.

Jason is the Prior (Commander) for the United States Indigenous Grand Priory for the Hospitaller Order of Saint Lazarus of Jerusalem.  In December of 2016, he and 20 delegates representing The Order and CannaCURES Officially Deployed to North Dakota (Standing Rock/Dakota Access Pipe Line) to assist Water Protectors in a Peace Keeping and Medical capacity. Jason has and will always continue to make a stand for Natural, Human, Indigenous, Civil, Treaty, Animal, Water and Land Rights and is working inter-tribally and inner-tribally on uniting Indigenous Nations to give The People a single unified global voice in the United Nations. He stands with and walks with the American Indian Movement (AIM). He walked for Treaty Awareness and to stand against Domestic Violence and Drugs.

Jason travels coast-to-coast when requested for doctoring and bringing the necessary medicines/sacraments that he has either grown or gathered and then prepared.  He is Western Cherokee of the Cherokee Nation of Sequoyah of Mexico, Texas and U.S.A. Reservation and Church and he is also Huichol/Waxaritari of the Guachichil Nation. You will find him somewhere, out on the frontline walking in a good way and being a beacon of Light on a path with a heart.

“AmaziGrace” at the 2015 Hospitaller Order of Saint Lazarus of Jerusalem Investiture Ceremony
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