Joy Wedmedyk


Joy Wedmedyk (Iyaloricha Omi Lasa) has studied Mediumship, Divination, Symbolism, and Shamanism for over 35 years. Initiated in Regla de Ocha, Native American and African Shamanic traditions, she is an accomplished Medium, Spirit-Sensitive and Shamanic healing practitioner and is nationally recognized as a Spiritual teacher, Psychic, Medium, Drum maker, Shamanic practitioner and artist.

Joy was a quoted source for Drawing Down the Spirits by Kenaz Filan and Raven Kaldera (2009) and is a contributing author for Walking the Path of the Ancient Ways by Corvis Nocturnum (2012) and Calling to the Ancestors: An Ancestor Devotional by Timothy Schnieder (2015). She also has an upcoming book co-written with Lillith ThreeFeathers.

Joy’s ability to connect to the Ancestors opens the way for healing in this world and in the world of the spirits.

” It is not a chore to be called by the Spirits but a great blessing. Questions may not be answered as quickly as we like, but answers will come any way and in many ways.”

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Joy Wedmedyk – Psychic Medium Shaman


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